Laundry Products

We have a complete range of products for the laundry.

Product Description
Bleach We carry liquid bleach at three levels of concentration of sodium hypochlorite; 4%, 6.25%, and full strength at 12.5%. Bleach is a low cost sanitiser or disinfectant for use on surfaces or alternatively in the laundry.
Eucalyptus Oil 85% This product may be used as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, decongestant and disinfectant, as well as fragrancing.
Eucalyptus Wool Wash A gentle, eucalyptus fragranced detergent, designed for the washing of woolen products.
Fabric Softener A delicately scented product, designed to leave fabrics tangle free and feeling softer. This product is particularly effective in reducing static electricity as well as making garments easier to fold and iron. Floral fragrance.
Laundry Liquid A heavy duty, viscous detergent designed to remove most dirt and soils from fabrics. Suitable for use in washing machines or hand washing.
Laundry Liquid, Clear The same heavy duty laundry formulation as our standard Laundry Liquid but without the added color or fragrance.
Laundry Powder, Super A high strength, biodegradable, low foaming detergent scientifically formulated to remove stains from all white and coloured fabrics, in both hot and cold water. Our laundry washing powder will leave your fabrics whiter, brighter and smelling great. Available in eucalyptus, lemon, and floral fragrance.
Laundry Powder, Economy A more economical version of our standard laundry powder. Available in eucalyptus fragrance only.
Laundry Powder, Phosphate Free A good performing laundry powder with no phosphate for use when you are concerned about phosphate contaminating local waterways. Available in eucalyptus fragrance only.
Laundry Powder, Fragrance Free The same heavy duty laundry formulation as our Super Laundry Powder but without any added fragrance.
Nappy Powder A chlorinated nappy treatment designed to kill germs and bacteria. This product will leave nappies white, bright and deodorised. WARNING: Only use this product on white garments.
Pre Wash Stain Remover A specially formulated laundry stain remover. This product is designed to remove stains from all garments. It is particularly great in removing stains found on collars and cuffs.
Safety Bleach Powder Powder bleach for white and coloured garments. Designed to whiten whites, brighten colours and remove stains from all garments.