Automotive Products

Chemwell has a good range of products for the automotive industry.

Product Description
Car Shampoo A biodegradable, medium-viscous detergent, designed for cleaning all external motor vehicle surfaces. A self shine product which leaves the car body sparkling clean.
Dealer's Tyre Dressing A water based, biodegradable product, designed to restore black color to tyres. This is a water based product which will wash off after exposure to water. For longer term results use our Tyre Rejuvenator.
Engine Degreaser, Caustic Free A caustic free, general purpose industrial degreaser suitable for degreasing engine and tyre surfaces as well as machinery components and tools.
Hercules A general purpose, industrial degreaser suitable for the removal of fats, oils and stubborn dirt from motor vehicle engine parts, floors and walls.
Lemon Twist Our famous citrus hand cleaner. A liquid-paste, abrasive hand cleaner, designed to remove ingrained grime, grease and oil from hand surface. This product is gentle on skin; containing anti-bacterial agents and lanolin.
Truck Wash A heavy duty, biodegradable, medium-viscous detergent, designed for cleaning all external truck surfaces.
Tyre Rejuvenator A silicon oil based product designed to restore black and brighten all tyre surfaces. Available in two levels of silicon oil.
Vinyl & Plastic Protector A vinyl and plastic protector designed to restore and protect vinyl, rubber and fibreglass surfaces.
Window Cleaner QC An alcohol based, ammonia free, high performance window cleaner for use on all glass surfaces. It removes grime and fingertips off window and mirror surfaces, leaving them clean and streak free.