Kitchen Products

Chemwell has a complete range of products for use in the kitchen. From dishwashing detergent and degreasers to floor cleaners; from automatic warewashing products to sanitisers and disinfectants; we have it covered.

Automated Warewashing Products

Product Description
Auto Dishwashing Liquid A chlorinated alkaline machine dishwashing liquid for commercial dispenser equipped dishwashing machines. Contains 23g/L caustic potash.
Auto Dishwashing Powder A highly alkaline, chlorinated powder designed for use in domestic and commercial dishwashing machines.
Auto Glasswashing Liquid A highly concentrated, low foaming liquid detergent, formulated for use in commercial automatic glasswashing machines.
Descaling Liquid Designed for use in automatic dishwashing machines. This product has been formulated to clean and descale the interior surfaces of automatic dishwashing machines.
Rinse Aid An odorless, semi-viscous liquid, designed for use in automatic dishwashing machines in the final rinse cycle. This product leaves both glasses and utensils sparkling and streak-free. Bittering agent free.


Product Description
Grill Cleaner Designed to quickly remove grease and grime from grill and BBQ surfaces as well as hot plates. Caustic Potash based, not caustic soda, to aid product removal during rinse phase. Contains 22g/L caustic potash.
Grill Cleaner Extra Strong Ultra heavy duty grill cleaner designed to remove built up, tough grease and grime from grill surfaces, hot plates and fryers. Caustic Potash based, not caustic soda, to aid product removal in rinse phase.Contains 41g/L caustic potash.
HD Degreaser A thickened version of our Magic Cleaner to increase cling time to assist in cleaning vertical surfaces.
Hercules A solvent based, heavy duty cleaner, and engine degreaser
Kitchen Degreaser A sophisticated blend of surfactants, alkaline salts, and solvents to provide a more gentle general purpose degreaser.
Multi Purpose Cleaner An economical, general purpose, spray and wipe cleaner providing cleaning and degreasing while being kind to surfaces.
Magic Cleaner A beefed up version of our Kitchen Degreaser to provide extra grease cutting action.
Super Solspray A strong solvent based, very heavy duty, alkaline cleaner and degreaser. Suitable for removing graffiti from hard surfaces.

Dishwashing Detergents

Product Description
Concentrated Detergent A very strong and concentrated dishwashing detergent for the most demanding application. Available in apple fragrance.
Clear Delux Detergent A special medium strength detergent without added fragrance or color for the most fastidious kitchen where no masking fragrances or additional colors are desired.
Delux Detergent Our most popular detergent providing an excellent balance between performance and value. Available in apple or lemon fragrance.
Professional Detergent A good economical detergent for general purpose cleaning. Available in apple fragrance.

Floor Cleaners

Product Description
Citra Floor A medium strength floor cleaner formulated to provide rapid penetration and removal of soils from floors. Lemon scented.
Floor Cleaner Our most popular floor cleaner. Contains a unique blend of surfactants, organic solvents, and alkaline salts to cut through grease and grime. Pine scented.
Neutral Floor Cleaner A gentle, pH neutral, medium viscous detergent designed to remove soil and grease from floors. No added colors or fragrances.
Other Floor Cleaners For our complete range of floor care products please navigate to our Floor Care page.


Product Description
Commercial Grade Sanitiser/Disinfectant A dual action solution for simultaneously cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Product is available in a multitude of fragrances including; Apple, Bubble Gum, Coconut, Eucalyptus, Floral, Heaven, Lavender, Lemon, Pine, and Rose.
Hospital Strength Sanitiser A dual action cleaner and sanitiser with extra antibacterial agent for hospital strength sanitising. Available in the same fragrances as our commercial strength product.


Product Description
Beer Line Cleaning Liquid A concentrated, alkaline based beer line cleaner used to dislodge contaminates from beer lines.
Drain Opener A simple but powerful solution for cleaning blocked drains.
Giffex An abrasive creme cleanser ideal for cleaning most everyday hard surfaces. Product contains micro scouring particles so please test before general in case your surface is too delicate.
Hand Soap We have a range of hand soaps; please refer to our Bathroom section for more information.
Lemon Wash A general purpose spray and wipe cleaner, formulated to provide rapid penetration and removal of soils from surfaces at low concentrations.
Methylated Spirits A denatured alcohol used as a versatile hard surface cleaner and disinfectant.
Saniclean Powder A chlorinated de-staining powder, designed to remove stains from cutlery and china.
Scouring Powder A mild abrasive powder with chlorine for cleaning of most everyday surfaces. Product contains micro scouring particles so please test before general in case your surface is too delicate.
Sanitiser A specially designed food safe sanitiser suitable for use on all solid surfaces requiring sanitising. No rinsing is required and product is fragrance free.
Stainless Steel Oil Designed to clean stainless steel surfaces and leave a bright surface free from fingerprints.